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Early Bird Wallpaper

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Juliet Travers

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Our Early bird design consist of a Robin, House Sparrow, Blue Tit, Chaffinch, Goldcrest and a Linnet, to remind people of garden songbirds here in the UK. They not only sing beautiful songs but also have very unique personalities.The friendly Robin is typically spotted in the snow during winter but they are very active all year round. The House Sparrow is one of the most well known birds in England as they can sometimes be very tame and will often spend their time foraging for food on the ground. The Blue Tit is usually the first bird to be seen in the garden, hanging upside down from a feeder and the cheeky house Sparrow will fly straight up to your garden table looking for a bite to eat! The Chaffinch is the most colourful member of the Finch family and can often be seen in woodlands, parks and gardens. The Linnet is also a member of the Finch family but is much more nervous and will often fly away when approached.This design is versatile and playful, offering a burst of colour and detailed artwork to any room of your choice.

Roll width: 20.47"                    Roll length: 393.7"                   

Pattern repeat: 20.47”             Design match: Straight